USB Data Acquisition Systems
Available in Multiple Configurations with support for high sampling rates and graphical monitoring

USB data Acquisition systems from Precisol supports a Full Speed USB interface to be connected to the PC. These devices do not require any external power supply and can be powered by the computer through USB cable. Together with our Prism Software, these devices offer a very good capture performance with sampling rates going up to many KHz. They are ideal for industrial control applications that may need data capture at high rates. The USB data acquisition can be monitored at real time in many available visualization modes such as Graphs, tables, meters, thermometers etc.

These data capture devices with standard voltage/current inputs can be used for industrial control and data acquisition such as temperature data logging, humidity data logging, pressure data logging and even accelerometer data logging applications. The range of devices available with USB connectivity are:



Digital Inputs444
Digital Outputs-4 (FET)8 (Relay control)
Analog Inputs448
Maximum Sample Rate10 kHz10 kHz10 kHz