Product Offerings
Quality and Proven devices designed and manufactured by Precisol

Precisol offers a wide range of products both devices and software for the Industrial Automation segments. Our products incorporate latest technologies and are proven rugged designs that enable effective management of factories. They are being used reliably across industries such as Oil and Gas, Pharma, Cement, Power, Food, Automotive, Building Automation, Chemical, Healthcare, Logistics etc for Research & Development, Production, Quality Control, Asset Tracking, HVAC, Ovens and Furnaces etc.

Some of the primary Industrial Automation product offerings include:

Data Acquition Systems

Our low cost devices offer features to acquire instantaneous data at high rated and log it to computer over communication options like USB, RS232, RS485 etc. Available in various configurations, these devices help monitoring process systems in real time and take decision based the same.

GSM Relay Switches

Our GSM Relay controllers allow controlling installations at remote locations with the convenience of a mobile phone. Coming in multiple configurations, apart from controlling relays, higher model devices can even be used to read remote digital events including Alarms, Warnings etc with configurable tolerance timings.

Software Tools

Jewel among our Software tools, Precisol’s Data Acquisition software – Prism – is an idle front end for our data acquisition and logger devices. Interoperable with third party products too. The tool is optimized for data analysis with multiple visualization options including graphs, meters etc. Available in multiple configuration right from a free version for our customers!