PRISM Data Acquisition and Analysis Suite
Windows based Data Collection and Visual Data Analysis Tool for Industrial Data

PRISM Data Acquisition and Analysis Suite
PRISM is a Windows based Data Collection and Visual Data Analysis tool. Apart from rich graphical visualization options, it provides numerous mathematical and data manipulation capabilities that makes it an indispensible tool to handle industrial and other kinds of data.

PRISM enables users to collect, record, display and analyze measurement data from various devices. PRISM software can be used with any Precisol Data Acquisition or Data Logger hardware product and the base version is provided free with the hardware purchase. The modular all-inclusive design of the software also enables acquisition of data from many other third party devices including popular DAQ, Data loggers, IO expanders etc. The PRISM software offers a suite of functionalities including setting up DAQ devices, Channel configuration, Data Capture and recording, playback and performance Analysis. PRISM can capture data continuously from the devices in real time and store it to disk while displaying the real time data.

The internal scaling and conversion functions of the PRSIM Data Acquisition and Data Logger software provides a convenient way to collect and analyze various kind of field data including temperature, humidity, pressure, speed, frequency, voltages, currents and many other parameters.

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PRISM allows adding a large number of data acquisition devices to the project. These devices can be accessible through various interfaces such as RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB. Each of the channels in these devices can be configured for different sampling frequencies and scaling factors (if supported by the device). Each of the connected devices can be individually started/stopped for data capture and recording or as a whole with convenience of a single click of a button.


The data capture from configured devices can be started and the real time values seen using multiple visualization options. The widgets available for data visualization includes Table, Graph, Meters, Labels etc. The view is designed based on the Windows Metro Style providing a rich aesthetic look. Multiple widgets can be configured to be shown in a same view and each of the widget can be changed in size and position along with the colors. The Seeker widget can be used to go back and forth when analyzing the recorded data.


Apart from real-time visualization, the data can also be stored in a file there by enabling play back at a later time. The data access mechanism is optimized for fast storage and retrieval enabling seamless performance of the whole software.


The captured data can be analyzed at a convenient time with a rich set of mathematical tools including functions like minimum, maximum, average, mean etc. This enables finding causes of faults that might have occurred much prior in time to the actual occurrence of the fault.


Apart from analysis, the captured data can be converted to any standard file format for analysis by other software or for easier information sharing. Export options of the PRISM includes formats like CSV, Excel, TXT etc.


  • PC-based Data Acquisition and Data Logger Software.
  • Includes Data Acquisition and Data Logger, Playback and Analysis Modules.
  • Support saving settings as projects for different configurations and applications.
  • Support for data acquisition from multiple devices in parallel
  • Multiple Analysis Views and Widgets Support.
  • Support for configuring device channels Variable frequency support.
  • Easy and intuitive to use. User friendly and customizable interface.
  • Programmable alarm limits can be set for each channel.
  • Multiple communication types support. (Serial, USB, Ethernet)
  • Disk Streaming and Real Time Display To Over 250kHz
  • Compatible with Precisol and many third party Data acquisition and Logger products
  • Record Up To 240 Channels & Display Up To 32 Channels at the Same Time.
  • Data can be exported to EXCEL, CVS, or Text formats
PRISM will provide an incomparable edge in capture, handling and analysis of industrial data.