GSM Relay Switches and Controllers
Control Relays and Monitor digital inputs over SMS

GSM Relay switches enable controlling of remote relays over GSM connection. Precisol Automationís GSM switches allow not only controlling switches but also read inputs from sensors connected. The GSM Relay switches can be controlled with simple and intuitive commands over SMS. Options like on and off delays, de-bounce time etc can be configured separately for each output and input terminals. Users can be added and deleted and provided different levels of privileges. Each user can individually configure the way the status updates to be done.

Different models are available within the range of our GSM Relay Switch models. The outputs can be either used to control a dry contact relay or can be used as a electronics switch to directly control a DC voltage/current.

GSM Relay Switch and Controller models available from Precisol are

GSM Relay Switches

Control electronic switches or dry contact relays with convenience of a SMS form a mobile phone.

GSM Relay Controllers

Along with control of switches, allows users to monitor status of up to 4 digital input channels!