GSM Relay Switches
Remote SMS controlled relays and Electronic on/off switch with timers

AU101 - USB Data Acquisition Device
The GSM Relay switches from Precisol Automation are the most cost effective solutions for controlling relays and digital switches from any GSM phone with the help of SMS text messaging. The device can be easily set up as an electronic on/off switch or as a SMS controlled relay system and can be powered by a conventional 5V or 12V DC supply. The rugged design makes it suitable for industrial or home automation controller applications.

The device is powered by industry leading microcontroller enabling it to perform many configured functionalities effortlessly. Apart from controlling the relays/switches, it can be configured for timed operations including on and off delays and on time. Administrator can set up new users effortlessly and assign privileges for each of them. Again the users are protected with separate passwords enabling further security.

The GSM relay switch is presented with many features such as


  • Adding and removing users with different privilege levels
  • Users access protected with passwords
  • Timers to automatically switch off the relays after preconfigured time
  • Delays before switching on and off the relays
  • Calling from a particular number to activate/deactivate certain channels
  • Optimized SMS Commands for effective and easy control
  • Compact Form factor with easy mounting options
  • Four Digital Outputs in FET mode to drive 60V/300mA.
  • Or Eight Relay Drivers to drive relays up to 40V/600mA
  • Easy to setup over SMS alone


  • Remote Electronic on/off switch
  • Wireless remote control switch
  • Home automation controller
  • Remote control light
  • Web controlled relay
  • Cell phone relay switch
  • GSM gate controller
  • Industrial Heater control system
  • And many more.