AU122 - USB based Portable Data Acquisition Device
Low Cost Device with 4 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs and 8 Analog Inputs

AU122 - USB Based Portable Data Acquisition Device
Precisol Automation’s AU122 is a low cost Portable Data Acquisition Device. The DAQ can drive up to 8 digital outputs in relay mode as well as acquire data from 8 analog inputs and 4 digital input channels. Highly enabled for computer data acquisition with its USB connectivity, the device is a state of art design that can be easily configured and set up for operation with the accompanying Prism Data Acquisition software.

The AU122 acts as a USB IO controller that can capture data from eight analog inputs and four digital inputs with timer and counter capabilities. The device can be configured to sample input at rates going up to 10 KHz. The differential analog inputs channels can be fed with voltages in the range of -10 to +10 Volts and are sampled at a high 16-bit resolution. All the IO channels are ruggedized for inadvertent high voltage or short circuits. The device can be used as a USB relay switch that can control up to 8 relays with the digital outputs each driving up to 40V/600mA .

The rich features of the AU122 can be enabled using the advanced Prism data acquisition tool. The sample rate of each input channel can be individually configured to suit user requirements. The data can be stored in local file system and can be later accessed and processed. The tool provides rich visualization options and can be used to perform various mathematical operations on the captured data. The IO’s can be acceded from theird party applications using the DLL provided. Export functionality is available to store the data in more common file formats such as Excel, CSV etc.


  • USB Based Portable Data Acquisition Device
  • High Performance for Low Cost
  • Compact Form factor with easy mounting options
  • USB Powered - No external power required
  • Eight Digital Outputs in Relay mode to drive up to 40V/600mA
  • Eight analog inputs with +/-10V differential range.
  • 16-bit resolution ADC’s
  • Four digital inputs including timer/counter.
  • Overvoltage/Short circuit protected Inputs
  • Sample rates from sub 1Hz to up to 10kHz
  • Easy setup and intuitive interface
  • Offered with free Prism Data Acquisition software
  • Works with multiple Operating Systems


  • Common sensor output measurement i.e -10 to 10V and 4-20mA
  • USB IO controller
  • Compute based data acquisition
  • USB Relay Switch
  • Humidity, Temperature, pressure and other parameter measurement.
  • Counting digital events.
  • And many more.