AU111 - USB Digital IO and Analog Input Acquisition Kit
Low Cost USB Acquisition Kit with 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs and 4 Analog Inputs

AU111 - USB Digital IO and Analog Input Acquisition Kit
The AU111 is the low cost USB Digital IO and Analog Input acquisition kit from Precisol Automation. Apart from capturing analog signals and digital inputs, the equipment has capability to drive up to 4 digital outputs in FET mode. It is a power efficient design that can be directly powered by the USB port from the connected PC.

The AU111, effectively an USB IO Expansion board, supports four analog inputs and four digital inputs including timer/counter capabilities. Analog inputs and well as the digital inputs can be sampled at rates starting from sub 1 Hertz to up to 10 KHz. The ADC resolution with a resolution of 16-bits can be used to accurately measure a voltage in the range of +/- 10V. The inputs are protected against over voltages so as to avoid accidental damages. The digital outputs operate in FET mode whereby it can be used to directly switch DC voltages with a current/voltage rating of 60V/300mA. Thus the AU111 can be used as a electronic controlled switch driven based on various input parameters read.

The free version of Prism data acquisition software provided along the device can be used to acquire the data real time and drive the digital outputs as per user requirement. The tool can be used to record the data and later play back. It also can be used to manipulate the data using mathematical functions such as finding maximum value, minimum value, standard deviation etc of the capture data. Windows APIs are provided to manipulate the digital outputs as well as inputs from other applications.


  • Low cost USB Digital IO and Analog Input data acquisition equipment
  • Compact Form factor with easy mounting options
  • USB Powered - No external power required
  • Four Digital Outputs in FET mode to drive 60V/300mA.
  • Four analog inputs with +/-10V differential range.
  • 16-bit resolution ADCs
  • Four digital inputs including timer/counter.
  • Overvoltage protected Inputs
  • Sample rates from sub 1Hz to up to 10kHz
  • Easy setup and intuitive interface
  • Offered with free Prism Data Acquisition software
  • Works with multiple Operating Systems


  • Industrial sensor data (-10 to 10V and 4-20mA) measurement through Analog Inputs
  • Digital events capture like Alarm conditions etc
  • USB relay controller
  • Electronic Controlled Switch
  • Temperature, pressure and other parameter monitoring.
  • Counting events like user attendance, resource access etc.
  • And many more.