AU101 - USB Data Acquisition Device
Low Cost USB Data Acquisition System with 4 Digital Inputs and 4 Analog Inputs

AU101 - USB Data Acquisition Device
The AU101 is the low cost USB Data Acquisition system from Precisol Automation. Ideal for measuring analog signals and monitoring digital inputs, the equipment is a power efficient design that can be directly powered by the USB port from the connected PC.

The AU101 supports four analog inputs and four digital inputs including timer/counter capabilities. Analog inputs offers full scale voltage measurement range of +/- 10V at 16-bit resolution. Sample rates can be configured from sub Hz range to up to 10KHz. The inputs are protected against over voltages so as to avoid accidental damages.

The basic Prism data capture and analyzer software provided free of cost along the device offers real time data acquisition capabilities and has features for analysis and manipulation of the acquired data. Data can be recorded and played back later at convenience of the user. Higher version of Prism USB data logger software has features to support higher sample rates and exporting data to Excel, CSV and other formats. In summary, the AU101 offers a very high performance to price ratio for the users.


  • Low cost USB based data acquisition equipment
  • Compact Form factor with easy mounting options
  • USB Powered - No external power required
  • Four analog inputs with +/-10V differential range.
  • 16-bit resolution ADCs
  • Four digital inputs including timer/counter.
  • Overvoltage protected Inputs
  • Sample rates from sub 1Hz to up to 10kHz
  • Easy setup and intuitive interface
  • Offered with free Prism Data Acquisition software
  • Works with multiple Operating Systems


  • Measurement of any industrial sensor data (-10 to 10V and 4-20mA) through Analog Inputs
  • Capture of Digital events like Alarm conditions etc
  • Counting events like user attendance, resource access etc.
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity and other parameters.
  • And many more.